One Beach One Bar by Nam Nghi



After the long-awaited period of reconstruction and renovation, Nam Nghi Coral Peninsula Phu Quoc proudly presents our reopening, with an exciting new project now in its finalizing phase – the one and only One Bar One Beach (OBOB Beach Club Island) – the heavenly island for entertainment and joy.

OBOB Beach Club IslandFormer Rock Bar

The first of its kind in Vietnam, OBOB Beach Club Island, located on an isolated small island with lots of styles, became the perfect spot for the finest parties and get-togethers. Get enchanted by the sunset, the golden moment of the day, at the intersecting point of the sky and the ocean, savoring fine wine and serenading to the beautiful melodies.

Furthermore, the OBOB dedicated team put in their effort and time to prepare and garnish the sophisticated menu, inspired by the contemporary Mediterranean and Japanese cuisine, prepared from the most well-sourced items, guaranteed to deliver the perfect gastronomy experience.

It is that originality and distinction in many different aspects that defined OBOB Beach Club Island, making it reaches universal standards and thrive even higher. Complemented by Nam Nghi Coral Peninsula Phu Quoc, this model lives up to its title of Paradise Island – First class Entertainment – OBOB The place to be.

Top-notch entertainment services

The completed-package entertainment: International cuisine, Sensational drinks, Top-notch entertainment services, Vibrant music and an Indispensable infinity pool

Savor the Elite Lifestyle

An endless summer with mesmerizing beach parties, gourmet cuisine and lively DJ music festivals

Exquisite Design and Architecture

A ravishing architecture with not a single dead angle, harmonizing into the natural surroundings of century-old trees, rocks and the great ocean.

Premium Gastronomy

Core value rooting from the celebration of well-sourced products with delicate techniques, alongside top-notch beverages

Untouched Nature

An effort in preserving the natural habitat accompanied by exclusive entertaining services

Magnificent Panorama Ocean View

The intersection of the sky and the ocean, presenting the unforgettable sunset view like nowhere else


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